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We are industry experts when it comes to ceilings and partitions, which includes suspension systems, installations, wall and office partitions and dry linings.


We complete each project with the utmost care and detail, ensuring your construction or remodel goes according to plan. We primarily serve the Michigan area for both residential and commercial structures.


We tackle everything from simple panel replacements to full housing rebuilds, and everything in between. Our team is approved and licensed in all necessary fields, meaning that from the first consultation to the finished product, we will be there to assist you in any way possible. Our team is ready to get you the ceiling and partition contracting you need today, so call us now!



At National Ceiling & Partitions we have a variety of drywall dimensions and thicknesses to meet all your building needs. We can provide you with the exact board product that you need for your project, allowing you to fine tune your requirements for that project.


Whether you’re finishing a small room, an entire house, or a large commercial building, we can meet your drywall needs.


As a commercial and residential contracting company, National Ceiling & Partitions is proud to be a part of creation and remodeling projects. Insulation comes in all forms and types, from sound deadening to just keeping your project warm and up to code.

No matter the shape and size of your project, National has all the products to complete it.

Insulation Installation in Room


Acoustical tiles are essential to managing noise control and creating comfortable environments. National Ceiling & Partitions carries the most favored acoustical ceiling tiles for commercial and residential building projects.

  • CertainTeed Ceiling Tile & Grid

  • Hanger Wire

  • All Grid System Accessories

  • Specialty Ceilings




At National, we offer a huge variety of metal and structural framing accessories, studs, clips and more. 

  • Area Separation Studs & Track

  • Drywall Metal Stud & Track

  • Structural Metal Stud & Track

  • Hat Channel/ Z Furring

  • Shaft Wall Studs

  • Cold Roll Channel

  • Spazzer/Bridge Bar Steel Network Clips

  • Metal Lath / Security Mesh

  • Flex-C Trac / Radius Track

  • Fire Track

  • Jamb Studs

  • Drywall Grid

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